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Cruises to Flowerpot & shipwreck

Bruce Anchor operates Tobermory's best, quiet and eco-friendly glass bottom vessels. The earliest trip departs at 8:50am. Visitors can explore Flowerpot Island earlier and stay longer, avoiding traffic and crowd during peak hours.

All of Bruce Anchor’s vessels meet Transport Canada Safety Classification standards, and Transport Canada inspects all vessels annually. In addition, all of our radio communication systems are inspected and certified annually by the Coast Guard Canada.

We provide 22% more shipwreck trips, including our earliest trip, which departs at 8:50am. Passengers can explore Flowerpot Island earlier and stay longer. We have an additional boarding location at Big Tub Harbour, just 2 minute shuttle from our main boarding location. Passengers can take shuttle from our parking lot after parking. After returning from the cruises, they will be sent back to the parking lot, which saves time and avoids conjunction.

The transparent glass canopy design on our vessels provides customers with the best of both worlds. All the windows of the vessels are made of polycarbonate UV ray protected top panels. On beautiful sunny days, passengers can enjoy a 360-degree panoramic view without exposing skin to direct sunlight. It is worth mentioning that on days when the weather changes, you can also choose to open or close the windows according to the wind and wave conditions and directions, which is very convenient.

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in Tobermory

Bruce Anchor operates Tobermory’s best, quiet and eco-friendly glass bottom vessels. The earliest trip departs at 8:50am. Visitors can explore Flowerpot Island earlier and stay longer, avoiding traffic and crowd during peak hours. In addition, we have a large and very convenient parking lot providing guests with ample parking spaces and walking to the boarding locations. Most important, we provide our guests with the highest quality, safest and mostly pleasant cruise and accommodation experience.

Flowerpot Island Bruce Anchor Boarding Locations

Our main and alternate boarding locations are located on some of the most spectacular shore front in town with pristine, unobstructive, uncongested views of Georgian Bay. (no hydro wires, no sidewalks, only natural views overlooking the waters and the islands of fathom five, with a bird's eye view of the famous historical Big Tub lighthouse). We're closer to the sights on the tour route, within two minutes to the lighthouse and five minutes to the historic shipwrecks.

Flowerpot Island
Eco-friendly and Quiet Cruises

Canada’s first passenger vessel with a Tier 4 engine classification, which results in four times less emissions into the atmosphere. All of our boats have the most fuel-efficient propulsion systems, using less fuel and producing fewer greenhouse emissions. Bruce Anchor owns the quietest vessels in Tobermory. We have a natural mission for environmental protection, from green operations, low emissions, low noise to the ban on single-use plastics. As our Logo shows, we inherit the tradition while protecting the environment.

We are committed to providing every guest and crew member with a safe, enjoyable and educational experience, sharing interpretive content relating to environmental stewardship and natural and cultural heritage. Our highly trained crew provide expert health and safety systems and demonstrate the highest standard of customer service. Our commitment to the environment – showcase operation greening, low emissions, low noise, pack in and out, single use plastics ban, etc.
Bruce Anchor Cruises
Flowerpot & shipwreck
Our Vessels

Tobermory Evolution

The Tobermory Evolution is a custom built vessel delivered to us in July 2016. We had it built to provide the most impressive tour of Fathom Five Marine Park while ensuring the highest standards of passenger comfort. The Tobermory Evolution features two large glass bottoms, a large upper viewing deck as well as shelter from inclement weather and direct sunlight.

150 passenger

One main deck for 110 passengers, entirely enclosed with glass uv rated protection canopy with roll up windows, one open upper deck for 40 passengers with elevated and unrestricted visibility

Safe and Stable

Incredible sea handling capabilities for it's class - extremely stable Triple engine and jet propelled


Washroom facilities onboard. This vessel is used all season for drop off and stay aboard tours

Accommodations and Reservations

Standard Motel

Bruce Anchor Motel has 37 standard rooms and Bruce Anchor Villa with 7 well-equipped holiday cabins (the former Peacock Villa Hotel and Cabin Resort). Each accommodation is within walking distance, just a short walk from the water and all that Tobermory has to offer.

Well-equipped Cabins

All cabbins have an indoor kitchen and an outdoor BBQ in a quiet, wooded setting. The kitchen has a pergola and picnic area with microwave, toaster, kettle and charcoal grill.

Big Tub Resort and Marina

Located on the north side of Big Tub Harbour, facing south over the beautiful pristine waters of Big Tub Harbour. It offers a premier view complete with large waterfront decks with glass railings on the majority of the units. Bruce Anchor owns Big Tub Resort as well as a waterfront cottage.

Great way to get the flowerpot island and explorer. This service will bring you to a few shipwrecks along the way that are very easy to view. We picked this one because you can stand on the viewing portion of the "glass bottom. But don't worry if you can get to the glass bottom part of the boat (it is very large and located in the center) as you can easily see everything over the side and they maneuver around the shipwrecks so everyone has an opportunity from the ship. The crew was very courteous and helpful as well. Definitely would recommend. Just try to come a bit early to make sure you get a seat along the outside of the ship if you're interested in seeing the shipwrecks otherwise sit back and enjoy the ride.
Jeremy Warnock
We had a great time on the Bruce Anchor Cruise boat. The Georgian Bay waters are beautiful and the cruise gives you a wonderful sample of the local waters and islands. The cruise staff were great, providing a running commentary of the sites. We took the "stay on-board" trip, but next time would consider getting off at Flowerpot Island for a hike. Highly recommend this cruise. And, the deck at the ticket office is a wonderful location to take in a sunset.
Jeffrey Porter
The boat cruises were great. I bought the tickets for my family online before hand and took the Evolution boat. The views were amazing! The boat does the tour of a few ship wrecks on the way to the island (approx 1 hour). The boat stops and turns so all passengers can get a good view. The glass bottom on the boat was neat but upper deck was nicer. The boat ride back comes straight back from the island(approx 20 min). Bruce Anchor also provides a parking pass and national park tickets with your cruise tickets. The walk from the parking to the Shore was around 3 min. Would recommend!
Deep Patel

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Bruce Anchor has been established for 35 years. It first operated accommodation services, and later developed into a cruise company focusing on Flowerpot Island and shipwreck trips. It has improved the glass bottom of the vessels. Tourists can watch the shipwreck more clearly, and even have the feeling of setting foot on the shipwrecks. Bruce Anchor has become the leader in glass-bottom cruises. At the same time, Bruce Anchor continues to improve visitor's experience to Tobermory, allowing tourists to view the underwater sunken shipwrecks closely and clearly through the glass bottoms. After experiencing the shipwrecks, passengers are sent to the natural wonder of the Flowerpot Island in Fathom Five National Marine Park.

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